ARRENDALE STATE PRISON for women. The conditions are inhumane.

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ARRENDALE STATE PRISON for women. The conditions are inhumane.

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monique santiago started this petition to Governor Brian Kemp and

The conditions at  Arrendale State Prison for women is inhumane. There have been a number of complaints from the offenders at the facility and family members for years but the last 18 months have been rough for those who live at the prison.

The list of issues that the Governor and GADOC must resolve and take action immediately is as follows:

1. Brown water (which can be due to rusted pipes and rats/mice perishing in the pipes) How can the women bathe or drink contaminated water? Waterborne diseases can cause death, illness, severe blood infections or disabilities. This serious matter must be resolved immediately.

2. Complaints of not being able to shower daily. Some of the women have not showered in days,

3. Limited food - They are not being fed breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. This is a requirement by the state for them to have three meals a day. 

4. Very low staff in the entire prison which is causing serious issues. With low staff that can mean lock down for days/weeks which can mean no school, no wreck time, no work, no gym time, no law library, and no human contact with family or phone time. Also when the prison had full staff misconduct occurred. 

5. Legal mail has been intercepted. This is against their legal rights and it has been an ongoing issue that must be resolved. Legal paper work can mean court dates, deadlines for paperwork for legal documents and vital information from their attorney. 

6. Law makers were barred on  August 11, 2021 from entering prison in reference to the unsanitary conditions. Why? 

7. Poor Medical Attention - Pregnant inmates, sick inmates, etc....

8. Distribution of sanitary napkins and tampons. It is a high volume of complaints about the women not receiving these items which is VERY necessary for hygiene purposes. 

9. Mold and bacteria which can cause serious illness.

These are some of the numerous complaints consistently by those who are housed at Arrendale State Prison. Whether these women committed a crime, are wrongfully convicted, have been sentenced harshly for non violent crimes or have a small sentence of 9 months they should be treated correctly while they are incarcerated. 

Human rights should be given to the women of Arrendale State Prison. If this were your daughter, wife, niece, mother, grandmother, or sister in this situation I am sure you would speak up. Your attention on this matter is greatly appreciated. 

Below is contact information to call and write the Governor along with links in reference to the prison.

You can contact Governor Brian Kemp office at (404) 656-1776 and speak on your concern in reference to the inhumane conditions at Arrendale State Prison for women or you can write at:
Mail to:
206 Washington Street
Suite 203, State Capitol
Atlanta, GA 30334

Inmate Concerns / Questions: 404-656-4661

Thank you,

Monique Santiago



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