Increase Penalties of Cyberstalkers and update Federal and State Legislation

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My daughter, at the age of 13, was sexually cyber stalked by a man over 37 years her senior, Shane Holderer of Plumstead, PA.  In 2013, this man was offered a plea agreement, pleaing down to a misdemeanor crime and was sentenced to 5 years probation with a stay-a-way order on my entire family and mandatory therapy.  Two weeks after pleading guilty, he began anonymously cyberstalking her again, using various social media platforms, in clear violation of his 5 year probation.   Over 15,000 posts and pictures later (three years), he made himself and his accounts known to my daughter (on September 25, 2016) and our world came tumbling down around us again.  Our focus was to protect her from this sexual stalker but the laws did not provide for that. He clearly indicated that on her 18th birthday, he would be with her.

He stalked numerous social media sites of several other minors over several years to gain access to my daughter.  In doing so, he collected 1000's of pictures and information, including information on our vacations, her whereabouts and her school/extracurricular tests and activities.  He altered innocent pictures and made them sexual by zooming in on her body parts and stating what he wanted to do to her. All of these posts were PUBLICLY POSTED! He not only stalked this child, but publicly humiliated her in front of millions of viewers.  He was to have no contact (direct or indirect) with our family yet insisted on 1000's of indirect communication attempts using the internet, sometimes writing paragraphs about his plans to be with her.  He used every predatory method possible including the use of religion, stating that this was GOD's plan.

Although many of these posts contained sexually explicit materials, and were clearly corrupting a minor, the laws as written in Pennsylvania, regarding stalking and sexual crimes (or attempted crimes) as they relate to minors, only allowed, so far, for one felony charge (F3)  and one (S) misdemeanor to be served.  This carries a very small minimum sentence, even though several experts in the field felt more charges should have been filed.  We can only hope.

These laws, as of today did not protect my child, a minor, and did not make this man a sexual predator (Megans Law) the first time around much less on the second offense with the same victim.  Even though this man stated he was going to have sex with this child hundreds of times, stated that he would marry her and have children with her, tried to meet with her and give her gifts, knew personal information about our family and our private lives, made us fear for what he would do to our child, made my children fear for their safety, deceived his therapist and the judicial system and clearly stated that "nothing" and "no one would stop him" from being with this minor, he will not be charged as a sexual predator, as of today (Feb 2017).

I ask that these laws be altered to better protect our children.  We are told that a minimum sentence for a F3 stalking could be as low as 6 months.  Maximum sentencing is several years.  We ask as a community, that the perpetrator, Mr. Shane Holderer, be strongly considered for maximum sentencing (Trial Date April 17, 2017) if found guilty.  This perpetrator, and anyone like him, needs to be off the streets for as long as possible to protect our children.  These individuals need clear reformation programs as they serve for their crimes, since conventional therapy and probation has failed.

We also ask that these laws be altered and updated to include sexual cyberstalking of minors as a sexual predator crime.  We ask that mandatory minimum sentencing be considered and that the minimum sentencing for crimes of this nature be increased.

Shane Holderer plead guilty to Stalking, F3 and will be sentenced June 16, 2017.