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Save our Summer

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SAVE OUR SUMMER, BHUSD started this petition to Brian David Goldberg, BHUSD President

A IMPORTANT question for friends and families in the Beverly Hills Unified School District...How did you feel about being back in school on August 11th?

Next year it's AUGUST 8TH!!!! That means that registration for High School students (and lower school orientations) will be even earlier. So, essentially, summer is going to be over for our kids by August 4th. AUGUST 4th PEOPLE!!!!! A MONTH BEFORE LABOR DAY!

(The following is kind of long - sorry - but it contains stuff you should know AND A SOLUTION!!!!)

Many parents (along with myself) are not sold on the calendar change. The issue isn’t the “time/length of our summer," which the board keeps assuring us exactly the same 10 weeks. It’s the timing of those 10 weeks. Why is this a problem? Well, most quality programs begin at the end of June and go to mid August.

Our board says LAUSD has embraced this change. But actually even they JUST CHANGED BACK to allow for their students (and their families) to participate in normally scheduled summer activities (advanced summer courses at great universities as well as traditional summer camps).

This isn’t about the parents. In fact, the earlier start date is personally better for my work schedule. This is about the kids. It's about not blocking them from participating in programs (educational, recreational, and developmental) that have been proven to be integral to child development.

This calendar change solely benefits the AP and college bound students - and ONLY to an extent. In reality, it doesn’t serve the other 5/6ths of the school population (10th grade and down to Kindergarten).

As for not having work over our winter break? I understand we could push back our start date without even affecting this.

Do I even need to mention the heat factor??? Being in school in the heat of summer means the kids can't do regular outdoor activities for PE. It's just bad all around (except for those AP Seniors at the High School).

As for the AP exam issue - there is definitely not enough data to support this change even helps them. But even if there was, it’s unfair to the other 90% of the students in the district. WAIT - EVEN WORSE - the current calendar actually adversely affects their intellectual and emotional growth by taking away summer opportunities that have been proven (with data) to improve a child’s development.

So if they want to talk numbers - they’re talking about TEMPORARILY, POSSIBLY, improving the AP scores of less than 10% of the students - while negatively (and permanently) impacting 90% of our students (and their families).

SOLUTION??? The statistically BETTER solution would be to offer an AP study in the summer course curriculum for Sophomores and Juniors so they can study if they want - and get a week or 2 back in August so kids can go to quality summer-long camps and use programs at universities and colleges around the country - thereby improving their “well-roundedness” and their chances of getting into better colleges. THEREBY improving the reputation of our schools. THEREBY improving the property values. THEREBY improving the lives of Beverly Hills residents and ensuring peace on earth. (Okay, maybe I'm reaching with that last one, but who doesn't want peace on Earth?)

I’m not suggesting a major shift here. I think BHUSD’s families need until mid August to make the most of our summers. August 8th is too early - and could potentially result in lots of high performing students leaving the district (I know a bunch of middle schoolers thinking about leaving if this doesn't change back).

If LAUSD can do it - as well as every other school district in America - we can do it too.

IF YOU AGREE please sign this petition and urge our Board of Directors at BHUSD to return our children's school calendar to a late August, early September start.


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This petition had 572 supporters