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Opal is a nearly 40 year old Orangutan female who has been languishing in isolation for decades in an unstimulating, featureless, walled enclosure at the Zoological Gardens in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

She spends much of her every day sitting with her face to a wall, with one of her fingers stuck into a small hole in the wall, seemingly oblivious to the humans gawking at her.

Her situation makes a mockery of the claims that the confinent of animals in zoos has educational,km scientific and conservation value. 

She has lived like this for most of her life, denied her rights to freedom and association with others of her own kind.

Brian Boswell, who owns this facility, and owns her, has been approached on numerous occassions to release Opal to a Sanctuary facility where she will be able to lead a wonderful life with others of her kind. He staunchly refuses to do so claiming that she is 'happy' where she is, and that his family 'love' her. 

We owe it to Opal to secure her release to a place where she will be safe and happy living a life of stimulation and social interaction with other Orangutans. Please sign and share.