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"PUBLIC CORRUPTION" damages Americans more than any other problem. Corrupt lawyers, judges, and politicians taking bribes damages everyone, our families, businesses, communities, nation and the world's economy, freedom and democracy. If you care about America, your health and safety, your children's future, then sign this PETITION AGAINST PUBLIC CORRUPTION.

Where "the rubber meets the road" for CHANGE is in the courts. Corrupt judges and lawyers bribed by special interests don't give a damn about you, our health, safety, environments and quality of life. By signing this PETITION AGAINST PUBLIC CORRUPTION you will be casting your vote for CHANGE, including greater transparency and public oversight of the Justice Department and "Justice System" that is "totally out of control." This CHANGE can happen by forcing the Judicial Branch of Government into the sunlight of public scrutiny with grassroots coalition regulation administered by independent oversight committees.

This solid practical remedy and PETITION AGAINST PUBLIC CORRUPTION especially opposes the multi-national corporations that are bribing most politicians (i.e, law-makers) while replacing you with robots, "artificial intelligence 'AI'," and imposing dangerous and deadly technologies on everyone. These new government-licensed corporate-imposed risks include frequency-based wireless services and genetically engineered (GMOs) foods, drugs, and vaccines.

By signing this PETITION AGAINST PUBLIC CORRUPTION, you will be sending a strong message to President Trump and his administration's chief criminal division law enforcer, Brian A. Benczkowski, encouraging POSITIVE CHANGE and POWER RETURNED TO THE PEOPLE for GREATER JUDICIAL REVIEW, LAW ENFORCEMENT, CIVIL RIGHTS, HUMAN FREEDOMS and JUSTICE FOR ALL!