Brexit:Up with this I shall not put!

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Brexit:Up with this I shall not put!

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The petition:

-We the undersigned pledge to vote at the next election - be it the election of 2020, or an earlier election. And further; we pledge NOT to vote for any Candidate or Party that acts to encourage the  invoking of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, or any other means of disassociating the UK from membership of the EU.

The reasoning:

The case for Brexit or Bremain set before the 'Jury' of the UK electorate was virtually fact-free and actually consequence-free; and the 'verdict' is likely to have been advisory only.

For the UK to go ahead with Brexit on this false premise is unjust, unconscionable and against the commonweal.

The most likely outcomes of 'our' negotiations to leave the EU each represent a failure of one or more of Brexit's main arguments:Sovereignty, Immigration and Control.

Over and above all of this: The rights of many who had no voice in the referendum would be adversely affected - and those of 'we', the 48%+, also.

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