Resignation of Krista Berardi for racist remarks

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On May 31, Krista Berardi, a member of the Brewster Board of Education made a post on Facebook claiming "The Floyd event was staged." On June 3rd, she posted again on Facebook, saying "These dumbasses need to get hosed if they don't get off the highway. This will never make people sympathetic to your cause, it will make people hate you though." This was in reference to the group of BLM protestors who closed down exit 5 off of Rt 84 in demonstration. 

This is unacceptable, and Krista Berardi must be asked to step down from her position on the Brewster Board of Education. She was elected after running unopposed, and we cannot wait until 2022 for her term to be up. These inflammatory and racist remarks are unacceptable and she should not be allowed on a Board of Education that serves students of all races. Brewster and the surrounding area has seen a number of BLM protests and demonstrations over the past two weeks. Anyone who has pledged to serve the children of Brewster must not harbor any bias in regard to racial issues and that is clearly not the case with Krista Berardi. We ask that she is asked to resign from her position, as a show of solidarity to the BLM movement in Brewster.