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Change the Dress Code of Brevard Public Schools

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Today I was dress-coded for wearing a spaghetti strap style tank top (pictured above). The teacher who sent me to the office was also concerned about my shorts, but I didn't have to change them. I just had to pull them down a little so they wouldn't ride up. The real violation, according to administration, was my shirt. With my shirt, I wore a strapless bra, so my undergarments were not showing. There wasn't even any cleaveage. The only thing that was showing was my collarbone and shoulders. Everyone has shoulders and a collarbone. I do not understand why the school board is sexualizng this part of our bodies. They say that spaghetti straps are banned this year, because they are distracting. But what's distracting is being taken outside by a teacher during first period. What's distracting is having her walk you to the office like a kindergartener. What's distracting is having to change clothes. What's distracting is having to come back to class, in the middle of an important discussion several minutes later. What's distracting is having everyone stare at you as you take your seat and they've noticed you've changed clothes. What's distracting is at the end of your day, having to leave class early and pick up your clothes. What is not distracting is shoulder blades. I was humiliated in front of my peers, teachers, and administrators- having to leave class, have my outfit examined, and then having to change. Please sign this petition to get Brevard Public Schools to change their dress code. I can understand why a significant amount of cleaveage may be distracting. But I cannot understand why shoulders are. So if you want dress codes to be more fair and young adult's bodies not to be sexualized, then please sign below.

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