Create More Oversight in Junior Tennis.

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Junior Tennis is a great family sport, but the amount of sacrifices it takes to play competitively is overwhelming. In addition to the weekly grind of training players have to routinely deal with cheaters in tournaments. While it's true that 90% of cheaters eventually quit tennis, along the way they crush the spirits of kids who want to play. These kids, and families, often quit feeling helpless and without recourse to stop the cheaters. The situation has reached a tipping point and action is needed.

The current amount of officiating in junior tennis tournaments is inadequate. We believe the USTA has the resources to both increase the number of officials in local tournaments and change the code violation process and thus reduce the amount of player cheating. This petition requests the USTA to do three things: 1) Increase by 1 the required number of officials present at junior tournaments and make that individual a plain clothed unidentified official. This official will quietly code players they observe cheating and will NOT identify themselves or report violations to local tournament officials. 2) The USTA will be asked to create a new system to track code violations which will carry over from tournament to tournament. When a certain level of violations occur, players will be suspended. Code violations will permanently rotate off player records quarterly or biannually, giving players the chance to redeem their standing. 3) Implement a rule that any junior player caught cheating on their age will be permanently banned from USTA competition both as a junior and an adult.

No doubt there are other measures that could be implemented. When you sign this petition we will include any suggestions you would like added to this petition. 

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