Brentwood County High School - expel Harry's Bully's so he can return back to school

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Brentwood County High School - expel Harry's Bully's so he can return back to school

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Started by Kevin Healey

I've been asked by Harry's parents to set up this petition to get justice for Harry he just wants to be back at school with NO bully's - 

                      This is a serious Disability HATE CRIME!

As a Autism campaigner I can relate to Harry as I was bullied when I was at school, having autism we have enough to deal with without been targeted by bully's, this is NOT just bullying - its a DISABILITY HATE CRIME.

Below is taken from the recent article in the Essex local newspaper 

A furious father has blasted staff at his son's school after bullies who pulled his trousers down, punched him and tried to hang him from a tree were not expelled.

Brentwood County High School pupil Harry Gosling, 12, suffers from autism and ADHD and his father, Graeme Hunt, claims he has been targeted by fellow year eight pupils, leaving him suffering from seizures.

The allegations surround three incidents across two separate school years.

In June, it is claimed that a fellow pupil pulled Harry's trousers and pants down at sports day, before the same pupil allegedly tried to hang him from a tree by his tie later that week.

On September 19, seven students were isolated after an incident of bullying Harry and the teenager was then injured during a fight on the school field on September 30.

In an investigation report, the school's chair of governors, Rosemary Lovatt said: "Whilst there is clear evidence that the initial sports day incident happened and a sanction was given, there is no evidence of the hanging incident.

A message I received from Harry's father -

apparently the school telephoned Mr Hunt on the day of the incident that took place.

Mrs Hunt said  "No he tried to hang him, dragged him by his tie to a tree by the playground and tried to tie him from his tie to a branch from the tree whilst another boy was lifting Harry up".


Kevin Healey National Campaigner for Autism said, "absolutely horrific, and I'm disgusted that the school has not taken any formal action to the bully's whom have caused this huge amount of stress for harry, he should not have to move school, or even be home educated even if it came to that, they need to remove the bully's from the school in question, Its not just bullying its a DISABILITY HATE CRIME".

the parents have told me they want the bully's expelled from the school so that Harry can return in a safe environment, and carry on with his schooling which is a serious Disability Hate Crime


other cases of Bullying & Disability Hate Crime have been sent in see Child A and child B


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This petition had 4,662 supporters

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