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Support what it means to be Bahamian. Remove the anti-Bahamians show, the Kreyol Connection"

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“Those who wish to be Bahamian also have a responsibility. They have a responsibility to try to be like us; to try to share our hopes and aspirations; to help us build  and achieve. They do not have a responsibility to try and remake us in someone else’s image; they have no responsibility to retard our progress or to destroy everything Bahamian.

-Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling-


                                                 The Kreyol Connection

"The Haitians didn’t come to the Bahamas to take over. Haitians go through the Bahamas. They happened not to get to the United States and they got STUCK HERE. They still want to go…Some people have waited 20 years to go to the United States. Forty percent of himself is in the United States, thinking that he’s already there. His family is there. Twenty percent of him is still in Haiti. The rest of him is here riding a bike, refusing to buy a house here."

-Louby Georges-


The main focus of the Kreyol connection is not to promote, “Loyalty to our Bahamas over and above all other; zeal for our Bahamas unmatched by any other; concern for other Bahamians over all others”, but rather disdain for our National Leaders like Mr. Loftus Roker and to trample on the Legacy of Sr. Lynden Pindling and his vision for the Bahamas.

The show which is undermining Bahamians authority through its clandestine approach, assists the “underground network” of illegal Haitian nationally, who undermine Bahamians and authority at every level.  The Illegal Haitian Nationals have proven to have no respect for our laws; they pay no taxes, yet benefit from our healthcare services, social services assistance and free education.   

There are 44 different Shanty Towns in New Providence benefiting from information provided by this show and the owners of the Nassau Guardian only sees dollar signs from this underground community.  The show represents a national security risk in that the main audience of the show cares little for this country; hate our way of life, our customs and morals.  The show is pandering to this group who has shown they are willing to undermine what is Bahamian and to show a betrayal to the Bahamas.


What does it take to be a Bahamian?

“Loyalty to our Bahamas over and above all other; zeal for our Bahamas  unmatched by any other; concern for other Bahamians over all others.”

-Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling-

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