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Brent Council: exclude Veolia from bidding for any Public Realm contracts


Veolia would like the multimillion pound contract for Brent's waste collection and street cleaning. However, the company profits from the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by, amongst other things, running the Jerusalem Light Railway, operating settlement bus routes and dumping Israeli waste in the Tovlan Land fill site in occupied Palestine. We are calling on Brent Council to exercise its legal right to exclude Veolia from bidding for this contract.

This petition will be sent to Brent Counil, so it can only be signed by a person of any age who lives, works or studies in Brent.

Letter to
brent council
We call upon Brent Council to exclude Veolia Environmental Service from the list of contractors approved to bid for the Public Realm contract in Brent because of Veolia’s complicity in the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory.

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