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Breitling at Bluewater - remove your tacky and offensive window display now

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Breitling (a watch shop) has chosen for public display at Bluewater in Kent a highly sexualised model of a woman, with her legs apart astride a bomb, the pubic region of her underpants is showing and the figure has exaggerated nipples highlighted by a spotlight. Bluewater is a family shopping venue in Kent, England. Breitling claims to be a luxury brand. Breitling sells watches, not underwear. I was told, when I complained to the shop, that it was all about their 'proud heritage as a brand linked with aviation history'. I was also told by Bluewater ' s customer services team that I am not the only person to have reported the display as inappropriate for Bluewater. I saw a thread on Mumsnet too. So Breitling, celebrate your aviation heritage - put a lovely model of an aeroplane in your window display. Just a simple, unadorned aeroplane. I am sure this is possible. Or scale up the inner mechanical workings of your watch into a fascinating moving art installation. Or use the space to profile a display for the Royal British Legion, or Help for Heroes. You can choose to celebrate your aviation brand heritage without confronting us with offensive and blatantly misogynistic rubbish from the past. Of course you can. Bluewater and your brand claim to be 'luxury' shopping venues. This is not aspirational lifestyle marketing. Nor is it a cheeky, harmless nod to British history, or the valour of pilots in WW2. This is marketing watches by sexually objectifying women and it has no place in Bluewater, or in 2016. "I expect better of Bluewater. Land Securities, who own Bluewater, please ask Breitling to remove their offensive window display now." Thank you.

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