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Fund the PINK VACCINE, the world's first preventive breast cancer vaccine.

If the PINK VACCINE is as safe and effective in women as it is in mice, it has the potential to eliminate 95% of all breast cancer worldwide. We must develop the PINK VACCINE right here in the United States where is was created by Professor Vincent Tuohy, not in China where it appears to be headed at the moment.

Let the record show, Professor Tuohy, winner of Cleveland Clinic's Sonnes' Innovation Award 2010, had his experimental data exhaustively vetted by a panel of experts before his paper was published in the peer-reviewed journal, "Nature Medicine" in May 2010.

See the Cleveland Clinic promotional video for details:

This appeal is made on behalf of the 5 women who started this campaign for the PINK VACCINE, the Champions for the Pink Vaccine - four breast cancer survivors and one breast cancer surgeon.

We're going right to the top! This appeal is being made directly to the President. Mr. President, you must help protect every woman in this country and around the world from breast cancer. Only you can do it. Thus far, every other organization has refused to give it a chance. This is worse than the sacking of Rome!

As Mary Lasker said in the full-page ad she took out in the New York Times in 1970: "Do something, Mr. Nixon."

To which I would echo: Do something Mr. Obama!

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    President Obama, and every woman concerned about preventing breast cancer.

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