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Petitioning The Royal Family and The Jordanian Government

Break the silence on the violent crimes against women in Jordan


In Jordan, we have recently witnessed the increase of the number of crimes against women, most of them are honor crimes... But this is just a different case!

Few days ago, a 35 years old women was shot in her sleep by her husband for no sin. Reema Al-Abed, a mother of three kids, an English teacher and a best example of a successful, well educated, conservative and modernist Muslim was just another victim of ignorance, hatred and sick minds...  

Press Release:

Her Nephew's Blog Post (Mohammad Al-Abed):


Reema will not be another case added to the records. This killing series must come to an end. This violence against women must be taken more seriously. It must leave those articles, study cases and speeches to be transformed into ACTIONS!

Not temporary actions, but actions that become part of our behaviors, our thoughts and a solid base for the coming generations. When there'll be no need for mentioning gender equality for its being a default concept of living on this planet.

The current legislations require more explanatory notes to bridge the gaps and enhance the various provisions of the law. Moreover, there are other laws that require further examination and development.

NGOs must develop policies and work on legislation amendments. And the government must contribute to these efforts either by direct consultation or through support lobbying and advocacy activities.

We should all work together to stop such tragedies, as governments, NGOs, Schools and universities, families to individuals. We should all work hand in hand on this to make Reema the last victim, or Hero.

Letter to
The Royal Family and The Jordanian Government
As authority figures, I ask you to speak out and convert all the legislations into actions on the violent crimes against women in Jordan. To make Reema Al-Abed, a 35 years old woman, a mother of three who was shot in her sleep by her husband for no sin, the last victim.

I urge you to:

1. Enact legislation on violence against women.

2. Implement educational and awareness raising measures aimed at law enforcement officials, the judiciary, health care providers, social workers, community leaders and the general public.

3. Amend applicable provisions of the penal code to ensure that perpetrators of the crimes do not benefit from a reduction of penalty.

4. Ensure that the crimes against women are treated as seriously as other other crimes in regard to investigation and prosecution, and that effective prevention efforts are put in place.

5. Establish a sufficient number of accessible shelters and crisis centers for females victims of violence in both urban and rural areas.