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Start making 26 band bras available in the UK

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I help out/am a moderator at a bra fitting community on Reddit (/r/ABraThatFits) which has (as at 8th December 2016) over 56,000 members

There is a lack in the UK of 26 inch bra bandsYou cannot go into a shop and try on a bra that fits a 26" ribcage, as the smallest band size sold in the UK is 28.

Right now, when people request 26 bands at /r/ABraThatFits I have to direct them to the following companies:

Wellfitting (USA)
Ewa Michalak (Poland)
Comexim (Poland)
Impimi (Poland)

They sell bras from roughly £19 to £50 and some have been around for many years. All of them are (to my knowledge) profitable businesses.

Here are user-uploaded pictures to (reviews/recommendations) from people who are wearing 26 bands:

26C (29" bust):

26D (30" bust):

26DD (31" bust):

to the most commonly needed 26 bands...

26E (32" bust) :

26F (33" bust) :

26FF (34" bust):


26GG(36" bust):

and to the not as common but still being bought:

26H (37" bust):

26HH (38" bust):


26JJ (40" bust):


Here are some examples from

There are even 24 band bras that people have been buying:

24FF (32" bust):

24G (33" bust):

24GG (34" bust) :

24HH (36" bust):

These people exist. Some are slim, some aren't slim but are petite. They all deserve to have that perfect fit and good self confidence :)

Consider the prevalence of women with 26" waists (these women fit a UK size 8) and below. As straight up-and-down body shapes are the most common, these women (or teenagers!) often need a band size similar to their waist measurement.

In Topshop, one of the most popular high street shops in the country, there are clothes from a UK size 4 (22" waist) and up. I have personally seen many posts by people measuring at a 24" band, and even someone who measured as a 22JJ. (roughly 22" ribcage, 36" bust)

Please consider adding just 1-3 options in your most popular styles, so your brand becomes available to those in need. It's not a luxury to wear a bra - for some people it's a necessity and the wrong size can be a constant pain for some.

The demand exists - even if you may not be fully aware of it, or where it's coming from. All you need to do is use your experience, and economies of scale and you will be making money!

(And voters who need 26 bands or would buy 26 bands if they needed them - please say whether you'd buy them, how many bras you would buy regularly (one bra for £25 every few months or 5 bras for £25 every month? would you only be happy wearing cheap £10 basics from somewhere like Debenhams/M&S or would you pay up to £40 for something like a Panache Black bra? Do you dream of buying Ann Summers type sexy bras? Or would you like more non-binary/androgynous options?), and what your favourite bras are (from either the companies above, or from the companies that currently make 26 bands) as this may help the companies decide!)

Thank you!

From Chloe (xuenylom at /r/ABraThatFits)

and with some excellent help from goodoldfreda at /r/ABraThatFits

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