Ban Single-Use Plastic Check Out Bags in Brandon, Manitoba

Ban Single-Use Plastic Check Out Bags in Brandon, Manitoba

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We are asking the City of Brandon, Manitoba to support our call for a Single-Use Plastic checkout Bag Ban for businesses in the City of Brandon.

Plastic bags are polluting the world’s oceans, our rivers, our landscapes and our food chain. We believe it is our environmental responsibility to take action and reduce the number of bags making their way into the environment.

Single-use plastic checkout bags waste valuable resources, cause pollution when they are being manufactured, and are a sad legacy for future generations.

While Brandon has a lot of good options in terms of recycling we feel that there is not enough in place in regards to plastic bags and unfortunately they are not generally recycled as can be seen by the countless instances of litter across town. So we believe it is time as a city to hold ourselves responsible and reduce the amount of waste getting out there, and also perhaps we would be spending less resources coping with the volume of waste? We believe that we can do better.

I call upon you, and every other Brandonite, to sign this petition so that our councilors and mayor may see that there is a lot of concern by the citizens of our city to reduce the amount of single-use plastic checkout bags being given out from businesses in our city.

Plastic bags are one of the largest components of plastic contaminants in our oceans. When plastic bags make their way into our waterways they break down to small micro-plastic particles that get into the food web. Plastic does not disappear.

Let’s be responsible citizens of our planet and stop polluting our common home.

It is time that Brandon joins the many municipalities, provinces, states, and countries across this planet that have banned the use of single-use plastic checkout bags. It is very clear that Recycling is not the answer in regards to plastic bags(among other forms of plastic waste) and that the need to reduce the volume of waste is becoming more crucial than ever.