Islamaphobia in the Conservative Party - immediately suspend Councillor John Moss

Islamaphobia in the Conservative Party - immediately suspend Councillor John Moss

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Shazia Ahmed started this petition to (Chairman of the Conservative Party)

In the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks, where over 50 Muslim worshippers were gunned down by a white supremacist terrorist, Islamaphobic hate crimes in the UK increased by nearly 600 percent. This was at a time when hate crimes against Muslims have been on an upwards trajectory for many years. Muslims being demonised online, on mainstream media and by politicians have all combined in some way in fuelling the rise we’ve seen. This rise in Islamophobia has led to attacks on mosques, attacks on Muslims and in particular Muslim women. There is a real heightened fear of crime within the Muslim community with mosques having to organise security, police patrols, CCTV and many Muslims fearful for their safety.

Douglas Murray is a right wing journalist who has won ‘Islamaphobe of the Year’ and is known for his controversial views on Muslims. Douglas Murray is on record stating: “conditions for Muslims in Europe must be made harder across the board.” London Borough of Waltham Forest, Larkswood ward Councillor, Cllr John Moss, in a reply to to Douglas Murray tweeted: “every 11 year old girl” should be “frightened of Muslims.” This is clearly an Islamaphobic tweet and you would have thought as soon as this tweet along with other comments were brought to the attention of the Conservative party, Councillor John Moss would be thrown out the party, made to apologise, suspended, ordered to undertake training etc.

Councillor John Moss was NOT thrown out the party, NOT suspended, NOT made to apologise, NOT asked to undertake diversity or equalities training. Instead the Leader of the Waltham Forest Conservative group, Councillor Alan Siggers mounted a robust defence claiming “I’m not stupid, this is more about the problems Labour are having.”

Councillor Alan Siggers chose to defend the indefensible despite:

1) The Chairman of the Conservative Muslim Forum, Mohammed Amin saying he had “lost confidence in the Conservative party’s disciplinary processes when the promotion of anti-Muslim hatred is the subject.”

2) The anti-Muslim hate monitoring group, Tell Mama commenting on the Waltham Forest Guardian article about Councillor John Moss’s comments ‘This is appalling: Conservative councillor accused of Islamaphobic tweets’. ‘If this man is still in the Party, why?’

3) The UKs largest Muslim Umbrella organisation, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) stated “by not even suspending the Councillors, they have failed to even reach the low bar they ( Conservative Party) set themselves.” MCB have now filed a complaint to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

4) The ex co-Chair of the Conservative party, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi personally asked Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) Chief Executive, Mick Davis to act on Councillor John Moss. 

The fact that the Conservative Party chose not to suspend Councillor John Moss despite the irrefutable evidence shows either acceptance of Islamaphobia in the Party or shows the complete lack of understanding by the Party of what Islamaphobia is and the damaging impact it has on the Muslim Community. Taking no action against someone making clearly Islamaphobic comments sets a precedent and sends a dangerous message. 

We need a zero tolerance approach to all forms of hate, bigotry and prejudice, and all political parties have a special responsibility to lead this fight. There can and should be no hierarchy of hate. People in public office should not be the ones disempowering and dividing communities - they should be uniting and protecting us.

Bigotry leads to hatred, hatred leads to violence, and violence leads to murder. We can not allow Islamaphobic comments such as these to become normalised, they cannot be ignored and brushed aside, further emboldening the racists to spout their poison and seek to divide our communities.

We call on the Conservative Party to immediately suspend Councillor John Moss from the party for his clearly Islamaphobic comments. On the basis of that investigation we can see grounds for expulsion.

We call on the Conservative Party to launch a full independent investigation into complaints of Islamaphobia within the party.

If you cannot see anything wrong with Councillor John Moss’s comments, you are part of the problem.

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