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Sen. Creighton has filed SB 1964 in the Texas Senate which would allow "...for the construction of buildings or improvements for multipurpose uses, including academic, research, and private commercial uses..." of the W.G. Jones State Forest. 

Formally designated as a state forest in 1949, Jones State Forest is used by the larger community for both educational and recreational purposes. It is also home to a large population of the red-cockaded woodpecker, a federally listed endangered species. The destruction of this space for private commercial use would be a detriment to our community and environment.

Sen. Creighton has made a public commitment to "...protect 100% of the of the forest from being used by the University for anything other than its current use" and "prevent any changes to be made without public approval". The initial amendment to SB 1964 he has proposed does not include these provisions.

Please join us in asking Sen. Creighton to: 

Stop SB 1964 or amend the bill to:

1. Protect 100% of the forest,​
​Specify protection 100% of the forest from use beyond its original intent as defined below.
2. Allow public feedback, and
Any proposed legislation should require public feedback through public hearings and listening sessions within the impacted community.
3. Preserve the true intent of the forest.
​The primary emphasis should be placed on wildlife and habitat preservation, recreational use, and non-destructive educational use related to biology and forestry. Commercial use should be prohibited.

Next steps:

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