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Stand in Support of Khadijah Lynch

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Speaking is never without fear of scrutiny and judgment, but we are all entitled to share our opinions however provocative they may be. In fact, no one reading this petition can say that they have never shared an opinion that did not align with a majority; therefore we cannot chastise another for their opinion. This past weekend, Khadijah Lynch spoke her mind on issues regarding the execution of two Brooklyn police officers. Opinions she has a right to share. While we may not all share her views, we cannot ignore the public vilification that ensued due to the misguided, diluted and unscrupulous representation of her character in an article written by Daniel Mael on the TruthRevolt website. Khadijah is a black woman and youth activist whose presence on Brandeis campus is just as necessary as any other student. The deliberate targeting and misrepresentation of Khadijah's thoughts as well as the misuse of her personal photos have catalyzed a series of hate speech that puts her life and safety in danger. This is Libel. This is Defamation of Character. This is Cyber bullying. This should not be condoned. It is clear, that the intentions of the author were not to spurt a healthy conversation welcoming all sides, but rather to publicly defame Khadijah.

Sign this petition in solidarity for free speech without the disenfranchisement of Khadijah's right to speak her mind. The recent call for her expulsion, suspension, and most importantly the death threats made towards her by current students and alumni warrants that we mobilize support for her. In signing this petition, we send a message to the Brandeis University administration, campus community and alumni’s that this selective belittling of Khadijah should not go unnoticed.

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