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Bridge Connecting Madh Island (Mumbai) and Versova (Andheri West)

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Hello Friends, 

Myself Sachin Madhkar a permanent resident of Madh Island, Mumbai born Koli famly with great concern I would like to bring forward the hardship that the common men, women, school children travelling from Madh Island to Versova and way back are facing on day-to-day basis. It is needless to state that the concerns that are raised below are the basic necessities for a human being in today’s world unfortunately these basic needs are the onces that are being deprived for approximate over 20 Lakh local resident population most of them which travels on daily basis to schools for education & offices to earn their bread and butter. I would also like to state that Madh Island is a major tourist attraction over the years where foreigners & local tourist flock on weekdays & weekends.  


The day-to-day problems that are faced by the people are briefed below which will give a fair idea the hardship that is faced by a comman man with no support from anywhere and left to fight the battle on their own:


Ø  Medical facilities deprived : After 70 years of Independence it would be hard to believe that there is no full fledge hospitals available in residential locality accommodating nearly 20 Lakh human lives. We have faced number of difficulties when it comes to emergencies like delivery of new born babies, accidents, events when there are snake bite’s (I remember a case last year when the only bread winner of a family member  died since he didn’t get medical attention in time due to lack of proper basic medical infrastructure at Madh Island) proper hospitals with better facilities are only available about 15 -18 Kms (Malad, Borivali etc) away from Madh Island which is approximately 1 hr away, the travelling distance turns out to be a fine line between life and death at most of the times. If there is a connectivity of Bridge the nearest hospital i.e Kokilaben Ambani hospital is hardly 15 minutes away from Madh Island.


Ø  Too much dependency on Ferry Service : The ferry service which hardly covers a distance of 200 meters takes at times 20-30 minutes just to cross over the versova creek (for bikes the queue goes upto 1-2 hrs). Also the services that are available are from 5 am to 1 am incase the person coming late at night misses the last ferry the person has no choice but to wait for 4 hours till the ferry service is resume or take a alternate route of 23 Km to reach Madh Island. The existing of bridge connecting Madh Island will greatly reduce the travel time of about 1 Lakh daily commuters.


Ø  Travelling by Ferry a Risky proposition: Theres always a risk of first time and regular travelers falling in the Sea water which has happened many a times and valuables are lost and the commuters injured.   During the rainy seasons the risk doubles as the boat wobbles as there are high currents which might be a life taking risk incase the boat is capsized/Sink (The peak hours the boat capacity is approx 200-230 passengers). During high tides the boat service comes to a standstill and the passengers have to wait for hours to resume the services to travel across & reach their destination. In situations, a consolidated 5000 man hours are lost daily if we account for waiting passenger to travel across using the ferry boat service.


Benefits due to connectivity of Bridge :


Ø  The Mumbai City main land will be connected once the bridge is in place which means that travelling to Andheri railway station will hardly take 20-30 minutes which takes approximately about 1 hr 30 min in the current scenario.

Ø  Easy availability of better Medical facilities in emergencies like Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital (15 min), BSES MG Hospital (25 min) , Nanavati Hospital (30 min), Lilavati Hospital (40 min), Cooper Hospital (25 min) etc

Ø  Madh Island – Versova Road Infrastructure Connectivity  to various part of the city will reduces the travel time & cost on petrol, desel oil of approximately 14 km one way thereby saving valuable resource like petrol, diesel & CNG which the Indian government agencies will be saving on the valuable foreign exchange on Import of Petroleum products.   

Ø  Better schools & colleges are made available to the students residing at Madh Island reducing the travel time from 13 km one way to Just approx 5 km. 


Efforts are made by NGO’s and general public to have Madh Island – Versova bridge connectivity initiated but in practicality nothing is implemented as of now on the ground level due to inadequate support, even though the funds are allocated for the project.  


I would urge the general public to kindly get involved in large numbers to sign off this petition so that the same can be presented to the concerned authorities.  We are not against the Ferry Boat Service but we are very much concerned about our travel time, inconveniences & hardship faced, risks to life, easy access to Medical & Educational facilities.


After all …..  its we the general public residing at Madh Island & those travelling to and fro are the once who are suffering.



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