Get bradley county jail proper covid 19 supplies. Masks, cleaning supplies, etc.

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We, the families/friends of inmates housed in Bradley County jail are requesting an investigation into the poor living conditions and lack of proper protection equipment. For example, why are COVID 19 POSITIVE inmates being housed with healthy inmates and not in their own specific medical pod? Why are inmates not being provided masks to cover their faces, instead they are forced to use their clothing/ bedsheets etc? Why are they not being provided cleaning supplies? They cant even have hand sanitizer! 

In America we're afforded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Not everyone housed in the jail is a criminal. Still, even for those who are, the conditions are unsafe and inhumane. These conditions are cruel and unusual. The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution provides protection against cruel and unusual punishment. The BCSO is currently violating the Constitutional rights of every inmate currently housed in the Bradley County Jail. It's unconscionable and it must be remedied.

Their voices will be heard! And as Bradley County jail is not very big, it wont be long before the whole jail is ridden with the COVID. Something must be done. We are requesting that they be provided with the proper Protection Equipment, cleaning supplies and face covers.