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Woolworths stop killing bees by selling Confidor.

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Thank you all those who signed the petition and wrote or called @woolworths_au people power has made the difference.

“Thank you for contacting us regarding the availability of Confidor in our stores. We can confirm that we will cease the sale of the product and we are currently working through with the supplier around this decision. We expect the product will no longer be on our shelves from the end of June this year.” Kind regards

Wayne Taylor
Assistant Category Manager - General Merchandise
Woolworths Limited

Brad Banducci Woolworths is selling pesticides that are killing bees.

Brad as CEO at the moment you are responsible for murdering bees and contaminating Australian honey. There are 20,801 Australian registered beekeepers who don’t want neonicotinoids in honey.

Bunnings are aware of the negative environmental impact of this product and have made a decision to phase out neonics (bee-killing pesticides) by the end of 2018.

In North America major hardware stores have also stopped selling bee-killing pesticides. And in Europe, Governments are starting to take action and ban bee-harming pesticides.

Here in Australia, you can still buy Confidor at Woolworths.

Confidor belongs to a class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids (or neonics). Neonics don't simply coat the surface of plants, they're absorbed into every part of the plant itself. All the way down to the pollen.

This means that bees - the creatures who pollinate a third of all the food we eat - accumulate the chemical in their bodies as they sustain life on earth. By murdering bees you are murdering us.

Scientists believe that the neurotoxin in Confidor scrambles bees’ system of navigation and other critical parts of their brains.

It also alters their immune system, making them more vulnerable to parasitic infections that are spreading through bee populations like wildfire in other parts of the world.

France has recently decided to ban a number of neonic pesticides like Confidor because of the harm they do to bees. And hundreds of thousands of us are pushing the European Union to decide on an historic ban on those pesticides across the Continent.

Brad bees do not respond well to greed Woolworths you have been profiting far to long from harming bees. Australia demands you stop selling this product immediately 


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