Petition update

Phone Call to D.C. June 16

Rick Lindland
Valencia, CA

Jun 16, 2017 — I spoke with Congressman Brad Sherman’s staff in D.C. today. The staff member knew what my phone call was regarding, after I gave my name and mentioned the petition. She said that they are looking into it and will be giving me a response. I asked when I should be expecting a response from them. She wouldn’t commit to even an approximate date. I will reach out to them again if I don’t hear back from them within a week or two. The petitions I have seen succeed, are the ones with high numbers. The more we have, the more likely we are going to see the results we desire.

On June 9, I participated in a protest at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles against the dog meat trade. I was glad to see all of the people that are now fighting against this barbaric practice. Trucks of pigs are being delivered all over the United States. The weather is hot and brutal. They are delivered to dingy industrial facilities where they are violently killed. There is a global movement against animal abuse. We should use our momentum to change the archaic and cruel existing system of factory farming in the United States. Until our government officials get involved, we are going to be continuously fighting the existing industry for change.


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