Removal of Neighborhood Loading Zones in Park Slope

Removal of Neighborhood Loading Zones in Park Slope

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Sara Vaswani started this petition to Brad Lander and


It is our understanding that there should have been an outreach program to the local community, yet, as residents in the affected areas, we received no advance notification or opportunity to offer input. Instead, this was rolled out without warning amid a worsening pandemic, as people are already making many sacrifices, there are dire issues affecting public transit, and car travel has become a necessity for many trying to curb the spread of a deadly virus.  The NLZ appeared in locations heavily inhabited by the elderly, children, and others with complicated transit challenges, especially at the moment. The DOT Commissioner has said: “If we took away parking but did not offer new transit options, that wouldn’t work.” That seems to be precisely the case here.

Our concerns:

  • These streets are used not only by residents, but also by teachers and medical staff who work in the area
  • The city government is praising frontline workers while simultaneously allowing for measures that will make their commutes more stressful and complicated.
  • This situation will be compounded once the Methodist Hospital expansion is finalized.
  • Also heavily impacted are small businesses and contractors, those who are the most likely to need parking between 7 am and 7 pm Monday through Friday, and whose work often necessitates commute to the area by car.
  • Parking options are being taken away from local workers and businesses to the benefit of big private companies, such as Amazon, FedEx, and FreshDirect. How can this be justified?
  • We live and work on and around these blocks and have watched the daily traffic patterns worsen for months and years.
  • The NLZ placements are strange and poorly signaled.
  • Drivers—especially those rushing to meet the business productivity demands of huge corporations—are unlikely to actually be able or motivated to use the dedicated space for the activities described by the DOT.  It has already been observed that even when the NLZ locations are available, delivery trucks still prefer to double park.
  • At least in the short term, the existing problems will simply be compounded by an increase in desperate drivers circling endlessly looking for spots.
  • Although we understand the underlying theory of diminishing traffic and increasing pedestrian and cyclist safety, this is not a viable solution to those issues.
  • This would imply that the only real motivator is the revenue the city will get from the ticketing community members unable to follow the confusing signage and inadvertently parking in one of these new zone.

Our Request:

  • The NLZ must be immediately removed from the area and reconsidered.
  • The community’s opinions should have been heard and considered; this aspect of the project was grossly neglected, despite the fact that it was promised after earlier errors with NLZ rollout.
  • Not including community feedback in decisions like these supports the notion that our local government is disrespectful and dismissive about the actual wants and needs of the people it represents
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