Gage is 13 years old and has cancer. Help his family stay with him through his treatment.

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Gage is a 13 year old child who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is literally fighting for his life, undergoing intense chemotherapy treatment to try and beat this horrible disease.

Gage spends most of his time in hospital sick, scared and alone due to Westmead Children's Hospital not allowing his baby brother to stay and sleep with their mum. Gage's mum  Sarah, is a single parent and has no one else to look after the baby overnight as they have had to relocate 4 hours away from their home and family in order to be near the hospital that can treat Gage's condition.

Gage's baby brother Declan is a breastfed 12 month old baby who has slept with his mother his entire life. At the beginning of Gage's treatment the hospital allowed Declan to stay as a baby boarder but forced Sarah to put him to sleep in a cot in unfamiliar surroundings. This caused Declan to be extremely distressed and as a result he would cry all night long unable to be settled. In turn, this created a lot of anxiety for Gage, and both he and Sarah became sleep deprived on top of the already existing stresses of cancer and treatment. The impact was so great that Sarah has had to leave Gage alone in hospital overnight so she can look after and comfort the baby back at the apartment they are staying in.

The hospital has been unable to provide any policies that state co-sleeping with a 12 month old is unsafe or not allowed. They have refused to provide Sarah with the form that many hospitals use allowing her to decline their advice and waiver any liability to the hospital.

Many people have suggested that Sarah simply ignore the hospital's advice and hold her baby throughout the night. But when she tried to do this the staff repeatedly woke her and the baby up which resulted in Gage also being woken, again causing sleep deprivation. This poor child needs as much rest as possible to help his body combat cancer.

This family is already going through enough. They have had to leave their lives and their home behind, the child is fighting for his life, and now the mother is being forced to leave that child alone and frightened overnight because the hospital won't allow her to comfort and settle her baby.

Please help us make a change, please help this family stay together and comfort each other during the most difficult time in their lives. Please help Gage be with his mother and baby brother while he is chronically ill.

If you support co-sleeping, if you support breastfeeding, if you support family being together, sign this petition.

All this family wants is to be able to stay together and comfort each other during this terrifying time.