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SUPPORT RECYCLING IN INDY! Mixing recyclables with trash will negatively impact recycling for decades to come. Please vote "NO" on Covanta.


Indianapolis residents:  The City of Indianapolis is considering a plan that will set recycling back for decades—by having Indianapolis residents mix their recycling with their trash.  Covanta, the local trash incinerator, has proposed building a facility that will sort this trash/recycling mixture, and recycle only a small amount of the recyclable material.    Mixing trash with recyclables creates significant contamination resulting in much lower quantity and quality of recycled materials.  The companies that rely on recycled feedstock need clean material and are very concerned that Indianapolis is considering such a plan.     You can find more information about this issue here.

Clean recycling is a jobs engine that saves energy and conserves resources.   Other first-class cities around the nation offer the gold-standard in recycling—free, curbside pickups for all residents.    There are resources available to make this happen for Indianapolis.  Covanta’s proposal offers a path backwards.    The Board of Public Works must vote to approve the Covanta plan before it can go into effect.  The Board needs to hear your concerns before they vote.  At this time it seems likely the Covanta vote will be held on August 6.  Now is the time to make your voice heard!


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