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Boyd County, KY Sheriff's Deputy David White is Unfit for Public Service and Must Be Fired

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Deputy David White, a sheriff's deputy with the Boyd County Sheriff's Department, was found to have posted several offensive, xenophobic and racist posts on his facebook page.  These actions were brought to the attention of the Sheriff's Department, and they gave him the 'maximum disciplinary action allowed by policy' which is a mere 24 day suspension without pay.  Below is a link to the article by WSAZ news:

The "Muslim holler monkey" post is not the only offensive post that was on his facebook page.  He also posted a picture that depicted a pig sodomizing a Muslim as he kneels to pray, as well as a picture of someone weilding an assault rifle, while pouring out a bottle of grape soda and standing over a burning bucket of fried chicken, which are blatant racial stereotypes.  His facebook profile is no longer active, as far as can be determined, but the offensive pictures have been saved as evidence if needed.  The actions on the part of this deputy make it evident that he does not possess the required temperament or tolerance to hold a position of authority or public service.   He is a threat to our community, and his actions are red flags attesting to potential abuse of power, conflict of interest, blatant racism and religious intolerance.  The actions of this deputy would not be tolerated in any other workplace, and would assuredly be met with termination of employment.  His being a public servant, he and the Boyd County Sheriff's Department should be held to a far higher standard of human decency.  Anything short of this deputy's termination is an injustice, and creates the possibility of future issues.  This petition seeks to demand that the Boyd County Sheriff's Department terminate his employment as this deputy has demonstrated that he is unfit to be a public servant.  

Boyd County Sheriff Bobby Jack Woods can be reached by the following:

Phone: (606) 739-5135

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 558, 2900 Louisa Street, Suite 1 Catlettsburg, KY 41129

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