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Boycott VOYA Magazine

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Started by Anna Mitchell

This week, an intellectually dishonest review of RUN by Kody Keplinger published by Voices of Youth Advocates Magazine was brought to our attention for hypersexualizing a female bisexual character, resulting in a mature content warning. VOYA was contacted asking for a retraction of the review.

In response, owners and editors Edward Kurdyla, and RoseMary Ludt used the VOYA social media to harass GLBTQ+ authors, librarians, and readers. VOYA Press mocked queer youths, critical comments were deleted, and VOYA referred to bisexuals as “vile and obnoxious." They issued non-apologies without taking responsibility for their discriminatory content warnings, aggression, and abusive behavior. 

Librarians rely on unbiased trade reviews to support their diverse patrons. Authors rely on them to accurately promote their books to young readers. It is because of that impact that the behavior of E. L. Kurdyla LLC and VOYA Press against the GLBTQ+ community is so chilling.

The information industry can no longer trust VOYA or the Kurdyla publishing company. This marginalization and bigotry must end. 

We are calling on libraries, librarians, library expos, YA authors, YA publishers, and freelance book reviewers to cut all ties with VOYA Magazine and their sister publication Teacher Librarian until RoseMary Ludt, and Edward Kurdyla no longer have any professional connection to the magazines.

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Anna Elizabeth Mitchell, 
Youth Services Librarian 

Hannah Moskowitz, 
YA and MG queer author of books including GONE, GONE, GONE, a 2012 Stonewall Honor book, and NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED, 2015's Bisexual Book of the Year



(edit: an earlier version of the petition incorrectly named Lisa Kurdyla as the Editor in Chief of VOYA magazine. The actual Editor in Chief is RoseMary Ludt, while Edward and Lisa Kurdyla are both part owners. We regret the error.)

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This petition had 371 supporters

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