Boycott visiting countries that consume dog/cat meat and/or have no animal protection laws

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To many of us our dogs and cats are much more than just living creatures. We love our dogs and cats like family members, just as our dogs and cats love us. Not only do these countries eat the animals we love but it is acceptable to also kill them in the most brutal way possible. They are killed and cooked in broad daylight in public markets. Dogs and cats sit in cages all their lives with little room to move, no veterinary attention and are fed food waste from the garbages throughout the countries. The worst is when they watch as their captors take them out one at a time and beat them with a club, hang, or electrocute until they are dead. The poor animals live out their days in cages waiting for their turn to be brutally killed and turned into someone’s next meal. Most of the people that prepare the meat intentionally torture the animal before death because they believe the more the animal suffers the better the meat tastes. I remember reading that dogs have the same emotional capacity as a young child. This means they can love and have feelings towards you just as your young kids do. They would also experience the same horror as a young child would if he/she was held captive in a cage and watched as all those around were brutally killed as he waits for his time to be killed as well. In China alone over 10 million dogs are killed every year for their meat. Not only are these animals killed for food in the most inhumane ways but countries such as China also have no animal protection laws. In the last week alone I came across a story of a woman driving on the highway and witnessed a man dragging a dog by a rope behind his vehicle. The woman dialed the police as she saw this terrified dog trying to keep on its feet to prevent having its skin ripped off by the pavement even though it’s feet were being torn to shreds as well. When the woman told police what was going on they simply told her the man wasn’t breaking any laws and hung up on her. Do we really want to support any country that finds this kind of thing acceptable, that intentionally inflicts as much suffering as possible before they kill the animal? This week I also came across another incident in China where a bystander called police on a man who caught a stray dog and was skinning it alive in the nearby river, she was also blown off by the police and no officers ever came. Obviously animal welfare is not a priority in China and other countries like it that let these things go on. It is common knowledge of the link between animal abuse and human abuse, allowing people who opening abuse animals to continue with no fear of consequences is irresponsible. We must as a group show the rest of the world will not tolerate this and will not bring any revenue to these countries through tourism until dog and cat meat is banned and animal welfare laws are enacted and enforced. The countries included in this are: China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nagaland(India), Thailand, Bali(Indonesia), Ghana, and Nigeria