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Petitioning Director General Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Mr. S. Kalaiselvam

Boycott Tourism to Sri Lanka Until the Situation in the Camps Improves


Earlier this year more than 300,000 Sri Lankans fled to the camps to escape the brutal fighting which marked the end of Sri Lanka's twenty-six year civil war. Conditions in the camps are horrific.

Yet aid agencies have only limited access to the camps. According to an excellent article on Reuters AlertNet: "Many aid workers view the government's call for a scaling down of aid operations as a deliberate move to prevent outsiders from witnessing conditions inside the camps."

Far more people have died in the camps in Sri Lanka than in Darfur this year.

It's hard to imagine vacationing in Darfur, yet tourism in Sri Lankan is growing rapidly, up 8% over last year. The Sri Lankan Government has set the goal of attracting one million tourists a year by 2011. Overall, tourism is one of the main industries in Sri Lanka.

Too often, we read about these atrocities, and it seems there's nothing we can do. In Sri Lanka, tho, we can make our voice heard, even in a small way. We can at least let the Sri Lankan Government know that until the situation in the camps improves, tourism will suffer.

Letter to
Director General Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Mr. S. Kalaiselvam
Director General Kalaiselvam,

I am appalled at the situation in the displaced camps in Sri Lanka, including the Government's refusal to allow aid agencies full access. Until the situation improves, I pledge to boycott Sri Lankan tourism, and to urge all my friends and acquaintances to do the same.

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