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The Kardashians believe they are above the law. The Kardashians Dash Jenners believe that this social world revolves around them in which it does not. These women are looked upon by our teenage girls as role models in which they are not.

these women do not do any humanitarian work whatsoever let alone speak with women to help them. But yet one of the Kardashians Kim gets felons out of jail that did the crime but not people who did not do the crime! 

Let’s get them away from us of our TV screens and out of our daughters head!!! 

Sign this petition with haste and proudness!!! 

These women are not the material we want to see on our TV screen or any smart device whatsoever. 
They are master manipulators yes the Kardashians Dash Jenners. They were not tight well by Kris Jenner whatsoever however Paris Hilton help out but they get out of control


The Kardashians are toxic, unrealistic and annoying. This family is a true pestilence to society as a whole. They are into a lot of things that are not necessary for the public view. They are liars, manipulators , scammers and all around non-American girls! 

They project a false image of how women should be or act in public or private. They care nothing about the public as they pour their life and style to the nation through television. 

The Kardashians shows are demoralizing in which shows infidelity adultery and non-leader ship.


These women Are oversaturated and currently dis - involved in real life. They are not what our American children need to see listen to or mimic. These women are Cashcow to the public with cheap clothing make up and perfume.


these women Kardashian Dash Jenners are self body shamed ( They stay under a surgeon knife)


they are not humanitarians, motivators, aspirators or a true friend to anyone! The Jenners – Kardashians are what makes America sour in taste in fashion. They are copycats!!!! 

They lie about the financial situation! They lie about the relationship between each other! They have no true guidance from their mother or father for they were too busy doing them. 


they have no standards principles or morals when it comes to true friendship with real people. They are also racist towards the feminine black woman. 

I would like to have people sign this petition to get them off the air away from her breathing space and perhaps they can all go with Pete to space and just never come back

504 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!