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Boycott Tessuti - Anti Fur and Down

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A voice for the voiceless, but will Tessuti listen?

Numerous shops across the UK sell desirable clothing whilst abiding to a ‘fur free policy’. Why is Tessuti supporting the production of a cruel industry, which exploits, and causes, a great deal of unnecessary suffering and death for animals, simply for the animal’s fur and feathers? Many clothing stores in the UK generate tremendous profits and run extremely lucrative businesses without selling fur and down, so it is clear that such barbarism towards other sentient creatures is wholly unnecessary for our ‘fashion’ needs.

A number of retailers in the UK have committed to the Fur Free Retailer programme,  meaning they only sell fake fur. By signing the agreement, these retailers have proven that they are socially responsible and that they care about animals. Below is a list of some of the companies who have signed up:

ASOS, Bershka, Brantano, Co-operative Group, Deuter, Esprit, Etnies, Lidl, Lipsy, Marks & Spencer, Field & Hockey, H&M, Helly Hansen, John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Schöffel, Topshop, Uterque, VAUDE, Waitrose, and Zara.

The production of fur is illegal in the UK, and the leg-hold trap has been illegal for over 50 years due on its immoral nature. As a country, we recognise that using fur is wrong. However, the UK continues to legally import fur and down from countries where fur farms and trapping are legal: Canada, China, Finland, Russia, etc.

We have banned the import of cat, dog and seal skins into the UK, for these animals we consider to be worthy of protection. They are spared the unconscionable fate of being imported into the UK for fashion, but their furry cousins are not exempt from this torture. Coyote, raccoon, rabbit, fox, beaver, chinchilla, mink wolf and squirrel are all ‘acceptable’ imports, according to governmental laws in the UK. However, we, which is to say, all human and non-human animals, are related. Pain is pain, cruelty is cruelty, death is death. Discrimination on the grounds of appearance is a moral failure that we, as rational agents, must not allow.

PETA, Respect for Animals and CAFT have all conducted research and opinion polls to determine what the UK thinks about fur in fashion. Over 70% of Britons oppose the use of fur. This is a clear majority. By contrast, right or wrong, 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU, but there is no such division on the subject of fur. So, then, why is Tessuti ignoring a moral imperative and trying to encourage members of the public to purchase products containing fur and down? Fur and down products are archaic, cruel and drenched in unnecessary bloodshed.

Tessuti is selling a number of different brands that use fur and down in clothing. Each store throughout the UK is selling an array of brands, such as Canada Goose, Moose knuckles, etc. But the Ipswich, Suffolk store is certainly selling the following: Parajumpers, Pyrenex and Froccella.

We respectfully ask, if you love animals, question what you are wearing, where it comes from and did an animal die in truly awful circumstances so it could be worn by you? Your money talks, and by not shopping for these ‘fashion’ items, which are associated with the torture and suffering of fearful, defenceless animals, you can provide a voice for the voiceless by saying ‘NO’ to this immoral and barbaric trade being tolerated in the UK.

A local group of compassionate individuals have been peacefully protesting outside Tessuti, Ipswich. Our aim has been to request that Tessuti removes all fur and down based products from this store. However, since Tessuti have failed to respond adequately to our emails, messages and general complaints, we have decided to create a petition to request that Tessuti removes fur and down products from ALL of their stores throughout the UK. Not selling these violently-derived items of clothing in one store is not enough. Tessuti needs to stop selling all fur and down products, indefinitely, as a business.

We think there is morality to be found within Tessuti, but it requires a firm, peaceful, nudge to awaken it. Tessuti can make the decision to cease selling fur and down for moral reasons now, or they can allow the public to make the decision for them by not purchasing fur and down based goods or better still, boycotting the store until these items are removed nationwide. Thus far, the moral case has been ignored. The commercial case awaits them, with your kind assistance.

Please sign the petition below to request Tessuti removes all fur and down products from their stores throughout the UK with immediate effect.

It is inhumane and cruel to utilise fur and down, and it is beneath our human dignity to wear it.

Thank you.

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