Boycott Simons Until They Commit to Stop Selling Rabbit Fur!

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Simons, a Canadian, large-scale fashion boutique is currently selling rabbit fur throws and pillows (among other fur items) on their website and in stores.

These rabbits are often skinned while still alive.

Rex and New Zealand rabbits are the two main breeds used for fur. Both breeds are factory farmed (primarily across Europe and Asia), kept in battery cages, where they are barely able to move. These housing systems are designed to maximize profits, always at the expense of the rabbits, with most going insane from extreme confinement. Terrified rabbits live in cages full of urine and feces, with farms often having thousands of rabbits each.

Killing methods are gruesome on fur farms, with no laws to protect the animals. In order to preserve the quality of fur animals are bludgeoned to death or have their throats slit. However, a very common form of slaughter is to skin the rabbits while still alive and fully conscious. 

We believe ethically sourced fur does not exist; that it is always the product of a cruel industry. Rabbit fur is not a by-product of the meat industry. Millions of rabbits are specifically bred and killed on factory farms for their fur because the rabbit fur industry demands the thicker pelt of an older animal for a particular quality fur. Rabbits raised for meat are killed too young, when they still have their unstable infant coats or have begun their subadult moult.

Make your voice heard:  Tell Peter Simons, that fur is not socially acceptable and that you will not be purchasing anything from Simons until they discontinue the sale of rabbit fur.  Top designers (DKNY, Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and countless others) have all committed to going fur free. Norway has banned fur farms, California has banned the sale of fur -  we believe Simons needs to get with the times. There is no need for them to fund this cruel industry.

Join us to make fur history and end this cruelty.

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