BOYCOTT For Supporting Anorexia!

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There have been many failed petitions to temporarily ban anorexic social media star Eugenia Cooney from YouTube. 

However, now the popular Japanese/Kawaii clothing site is supporting Eugenia Cooney. In her most recent YouTube video, uploaded on March 28th, 2018, "SPRING OUTFITS TRY ON HAUL! Kawaii Outfits!" Eugenia is modeling clothes from We know that the company is aware of this, because Eugenia mentions in the description of the video:

"You guys can use the code "cooney" on any items on Sanrense to get 10%!! Thank you again so much to them for the amazing free gift, and as always I absolutely love their clothes!"

Eugenia has yet to admit that she actually suffers from an eating disorder, but she has had countless viewers beg her to seek help due to her shockingly low weight. She has also had many young viewers tell her that her videos have encouraged them to stop eating to try and look like her. Eugenia knows this, and still continues to flaunt her body on social media.

YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites have ignored this issue. Maybe will be the first to drop support for Eugenia Cooney until she addresses her eating disorder and seeks treatment.

I urge everybody that is reading this to BOYCOTT, and please email them and let them know that you are extremely disappointed in their decision to support an individual who clearly is suffering from anorexia. Maybe if fears they will lose business for using an anorexia sufferer as a marketing tool, they will rethink their decision. And maybe other companies will eventually follow. There is power in numbers.