Boycott Rapp Malaysia for their GE13 fear-mongering ads

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Boycott Rapp Malaysia for their GE13 fear-mongering ads

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Kevin Bathman started this petition to Datuk Vincent Lee (Naga DDB Malaysia, Executive Chairman) and

You would have seen the fear-mongering ads from Barisan Nasional (BN) in the mainstream media.

The print advertisements play on Chinese fears of PAS’ Islamist influence on the one hand, and Malay fears of DAP influence on the other, with the slogan: “A vote for DAP is a vote for PAS,” and vice versa.

“The ads look like they are designed to cause anxiety and fear that the Chinese would lose their culture and education if they vote for DAP,” Masjaliza Hamzah, from the Centre of Independent Journalism (CIJ), told The Malaysian Insider.

“There’s zero concept. Just accusations with no tact or respect. The ads are very patronising, an insult to the people’s intelligence,” said 32-year-old copywriter Kevin, who declined to give his last name. “They forgot the golden rule of advertising. No advertising can save a bad product,” he added.

These racial fear campaigns are the biggest insult to the intelligence of today's voters. It reflects the mentality and quality of the BN leaders.  

It has been exposed by Campaign Asia-Pacific that Rapp Malaysia is responsible for these advertisements. Rapp Malaysia is a part of Naga DDB Malaysia.

Let’s ensure the clients from Rapp Malaysia and Naga DDB are aware of their agency's irresponsible and fear-mongering ads for Barisan Nasional.

Rapp Malaysia

Naga DDB Malaysia
Tourism Australia
Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumour

Please forward a letter to CEOs of these companies to advocate them to review their advertising business with Rapp Malaysia and Naga DDB.

Read more about the ads here:

MSN Malaysia

Campaign Asia-Pacific,rapp-kl-reputedly-behind-controversial-malaysian-political-ads.aspx

Malaysia Kini

Hype Malaysia

The Sun Daily

The Malaysian Insider

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This petition had 2,986 supporters

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