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Boycott Pepsi - Racist Superbowl Commercial Stereotypes Black Women

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This petition is addressed specifically to black women and those in support of black women. If you are upset, perturbed or just downright livid at the recent Pepsi Superbowl ad that aired on Superbowl Sunday (February 6, 2011), please continue to read this petition.

Black women as a group have been lambasted by the media over the past two to three years. Everything from "studies" about black women and relationships to articles that provide misleading statistics about black women and health issues.

Many of us have a theory that the media's obsession with discounting and disrespecting the image of black women in the mainstream media is somehow associated with the fact that our current First Lady is a beautiful and classy black lady.

Instead of publishing positive commercial and information about black women we are instead bombarded with negative messages from the media about black womanhood.

On February 6th, PepsiCo chose to air a commercial that played on the stereotype of black women as angry, violent and jealous. The black woman in the commercial abused her husband throughout and finally ended up throwing a can at the head of a white woman he was smiling at.

Many will say that we're overreacting, being too "sensitive" and blowing what this commercial says out of proportion. The usual response. But if you are a black woman in 2011 who has been watching TV, news, magazines and online publications you know exactly why we're all simply fed up with all of these negative images of black women being published for millions to view.

The purpose of this petition is two-fold:
1) Boycott Pepsi products until they apologize for airing and supporting this commercial

2) Sign this petition if you are a black woman or someone in support of black women who wants to support an ANTI-anti-black woman effort. Yes, an ANTI-anti-black woman effort that exposes and puts down all media efforts to slander black women.

We will no longer sit by idly while the media attempts to degrade and disrespect black women. Please place your signature on this petition and boycott Pepsi products. Thank you for reading.



Pepsi and Frito-Lay websites and products:

Sample list of Pepsi products: Pepsi, Gatorade, Aquafina, Lipton, Ocean Spray, Propel, SoBe, Mountain Dew


UPDATE: This story has legs, and was featured on MSNBC. When asked for the level of outrage on a scale of 1 to 10, Goldie Taylor of accurately stated "9 or 10." See the video here (toward the end of the article):

Another piece on MSNBC

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition so far -- we need more names to meet and EXCEED the goal set. Please send the link around to friends, family and associates who are concerned about black women's issues.


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