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BOYCOTT PEPSI: Aborted Fetus Cells Used in the Product Testing of Flavor Enhancers!

Yes folks, you read that correctly.   As a consumer, did you know about this?  Neither did I, up until a few days ago and I am outraged.

According to Children of God for Life, the original sleuths that uncovered this, says that an often overlooked facet of the aborticide industry is the sale of human body parts harvested from babies who are in the process of being aborted. Senomyx, a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers, uses aborted fetal cell lines (HEK-293 ) to test their products and have teamed up with Food Giants such as Pepsi, KraftFoods, Solae and Nestle to further collaborate on these efforts.  Please note, fetus cells are NOT IN the products, but used in the product's flavor enhancement testing methods.  Info at following link:

All companies involved have KEPT CONSUMERS IN THE DARK!  But the leader in deceptive practices and careless respsonses, is none other than Pepsico:

Further action is planned to protect stockholder interests, according to Children of God for Life.

Recent July 15, 2011 press release points out that Senomyx has removed partnership names from their website.  COGFL is calling upon Pepsi Shareholders to get involved in stopping these unethical and horrendous product testing practices. 

Don't think you can make a difference?  Within hours of a news release from pro-life organization, Children of God for Life, the Campbell's Soup company severed their ties with Senomyx.  See? YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Sign this petition and urge everyone you know to take a stand against these unethical business practices!

I am just a young mom, from a small town with a big voice and strong convictions who is trying to help Children of God for Life's Debi Vinnedge spread the word to the masses! Help protect what's left of this country's morals and ethics and protect the CONSUMERS RIGHT TO KNOW AND DECIDE!

Letter to
Senior VP of PepsiCo Jamie Caulfield
CEO of Senomyx Kent Snyder
and 5 others
Media Relations of Solae Jennifer Starkey Solae, LLC
CEO PepsiCo
CEO of Nestle USA Paul Bulcke
CEO of KraftFoods Irene Rosenfeld
CEO of Taco Bell - Pepsi Sponsor Greg Creed
I just signed the following boycott petition addressed to Pepsi, Senomyx, KraftFoods, Nestle, and Solae.

BOYCOTT PEPSI: Aborted Fetus Cells Used in the Product Testing of Flavor Enhancers!

We'd like you to Stop Using Aborted Fetus Cell Lines/Cut ties with Senomyx!
It has come to my attention that you have contracted with Senomyx to develop flavor enhancers for your beverages. Because they are using human embryonic kidney cells that were derived from an electively aborted baby for the research and development of these flavors, I wish to inform you that I will no longer purchase any PepsiCo beverages.

I understand that under your agreement with Senomyx, you are paying for that research and development and additionally will pay royalties for all PepsiCo products sold using Senomyx flavor enhancers. Thus, you have both the responsibility and capability to change that technology or completely sever your agreement.

Until this happens, I intend to boycott your products, advise all stores that sell them why I am not buying PepsiCo and advise all of our friends, family and co-workers to do the same. Please advise me how you intend to proceed.


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