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Boycott orca shows at Loro Parque: don't let Morgan be the next suffering one

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Almost all of us know the sad story of Morgan, the orca found injured last year. According to European laws it's not legal to catch whales; they promised to take her back to the ocean the moment she would have been recovered.
But on november, 29th 2011 she was brought to Teneriffa's Loro Parque at Puerto de la Cruz in order to earn much money with her in captivity for the rest of her likely short life.
She should be taken to her relatives confirmed by DNA tests at the Norwegian part of the ocean instead of being forced to play with coloured balls or getting used as a surfboard at Loro Parque.
Another translocation has to be carried out as soon as possible to avoid health risks because of the temperature differences.
They should take her home and stop recruiting more orcas, dolphins or seals for these silly and perverse shows.

Telling Morgan will stay captured because of science or danger in freedom is absolutely disgusting knowing about seaworld's problems according their breeds. In truth it's all about money, farming and tourist attractions.

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At 03.02 you can see two stuff members and chief of Loro Parque watching Morgan's injury:

Morgan suffers mentally and physically under the conditions at Loro Parque, she's injured after such a short time there! 

How can these profiteers of the Loro Parque sleep well?
What does the Spanish tourism minister see, when he looks in the mirror?

It is to cry, what man is doing to these wonderful creatures of this earth, only to earn more money!








Ladies and gentlemen,

long enough marine animals have been used for entertainment and greed for money of human beings.
Make an example of Morgan, the young orca brought to Loro Parque on november, 29th 2011.

It's not yet too late for her, if you hurry up and work together you can show the world that there are so much more different possibilities to entertain visitors of zoos without reducing life expectancies and life qualities of certain species.
It's neither funny nor beautiful to watch an orca being used as a surfboard. On looking closely anyone will see animals suffering – not a great experience.
These shows reflect a distorted picture of such species and the way human beings treat their fellow creatures. This is not the way we should impart values to our children.

Tourism could also work without animal cruelty.

Be the first that stop recruiting new marine animals for these silly shows and take Morgan home to her relatives at the Norwegian part of the ocean.

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