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Boycott Notre Dame Until They Drop Their Birth Control Lawsuit

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Notre Dame has filed a lawsuit over the birth control mandate in Healthcare Reform. This is just another example of big organized religion (supported by money from the right wing in an election year) trying to infringe on Women's Rights. Healthcare Reform doesn't mandate that they TAKE birth control, it only mandates that the employees' insurance covers it. Religious Freedom does NOT trump Women's Rights. Birth control effects women's health, we all know this by now.

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We must boycott Notre Dame until they drop this lawsuit. We need to hit them where it hurts, money and public opinion.

►Don't buy Notre Dame merchandise.
►Don't go to Notre Dame sporting events.
►Don't watch their sporting events on television
►If you are a student there... PROTEST!
►Sign this petition and the letter below will be sent to the leadership of Notre Dame. (feel free to add your own thoughts or make changes to your letter.

Get involved, this is a ridiculous use of religion as politics and we aren't going to stand for it! Religious Freedom is not at stake here, Women's Rights are.

Letter text written by Jason Pfister


This is a notice to inform you that, until Notre Dame ceases and desists their assault on reproductive freedoms via suing to block the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate, I gladly join other concerned Americans nationwide in boycotting your school. Under no circumstances shall my money, time or investment incorporate even one second's worth of an endorsement behind any Notre Dame sponsored event, whether that pertain to sports (sad, given how a dear childhood friend played football at your institution) or fundraisers or anything justifying an obviously regressive mission hindering today's feminist cause. As a woman, I'm sure you understand why birth control access yields beneficial results (re: curtails unintended pregnancies, prevents disease escalation), plus has been used at least once by 99% of women per recent statistics. Given our nation's history at being less than receptive towards basic gender liberties, especially on Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton's legacy movement spanning almost a century all to simply enter a voting booth, it's time for places, including private universities, to respect women's hard earned autonomy. Also, as the mandate requires that basic reproductive services be through insurance policies that students pay for themselves, this lawsuit's not only counterproductive but meaningless, as your tax dollars won't spend a penny on services for which you or Notre Dame's administrative staff may object to on moral grounds.

Please consider forgoing this court action. Until that day commences, expect at least thousands of Americans not to partake in a policy lying incongruent with all schools' emphasis: advancing education. An enlightened public literate on health care safeguards better shapes a society as opposed to restrictions excluding basic medicinal care. After all, multiple studies indicate that abstinence only programs pervading numerous secondary education facilities increase teen and/or unwanted pregnancies likely to expand taxpayer expenses due to years worth of housing, food, medical care and other miscellaneous expenses (research indicates how an abortion today has a similar value to during the 1970s. Those unable to finance an otherwise inexpensive operation are likely to qualify for welfare assistance. How best to prevent this scenario? Avail YOUNG students to birth control access). Besides, aren't we all pro life to the extent of not subjecting innocent children to an sometimes burdensome domestic lifestyle run by parents who likely view them as an inconvenience? Denying birth control coverage, as Notre Dame currently does, buttresses most these tragic consequences surrounding limited medicinal remedies.

Thank you for your time.

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