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Take an alternative vehicle to work until the DC Metro system takes down the Stand4Marriage signs.  This is a group of radical right religionists who want to interfere in the civil rights of the citizens of the District.  DO NOT GIVE METRO ANY PROFIT during this time period.  I will repost here when the signs come down.

Letter to
Washington Metro Area Transit Authority John B. Catoe, Jr, General Manager, METRO
Your decision to allow the Stand4Marriage's group's advertisement is a slap in the face to the LGBT community of DC. This group specifically is calling for a vote on our civil rights in direct opposition to the DC Human Rights Act. Your support of this action is deemed inexcusable and I am calling on all Washingtonians who claim to uphold the Human Rights Act to boycott your service until such time as your organization takes the signs and advertisements down.

Shame on you for profiting from the misery caused by the hatred of Stand4Marriage DC.


A Former Metro Rider

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