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Boycott Hollywood!!! They Are 2% Of Our Country, Trying To Control 100% Of Our Nation!

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For those of us that don’t want a handful of narcissistic actors and athletes, that honestly think they are now capable of deciding what is best for the 322.7 million citizens of the United States of America, controlling how our government is run, and by whom….. Ive got an idea! Why don't we quit supporting these celebrities and see how much they want to throw out the majority of the country's votes then? Stay home for a while. These "entertainers" have decided they run this country and, in reality, they couldn't pay their bills of we didn't buy products they endorse, watch the games they play, go to movies they make, do business with the companies they are involved with, and so forth. Lets show them how the real citizens, that live real day to day lives, can ABSOLUTELY live without them. They are paid to "entertain us" and what they are doing is not entertaining!! I say BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD and everything it represents!!!!

And since california no longer wants to be a part of our nation and honor our laws and regulations.....since they want to secede from our union of states.....why not go ahead and act as though they are gone! Let the US farmers, textile companies, food suppliers, etc., just not service that state any longer? They don't need us they said; they don't want the majority of the US to have a say so in our government; they no longer want to participate....Let their dreams come true!

Stop supporting this handful of "out of touch with reality" people and then see how vocal they are about how the 98% of us keep this country functioning every day. BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!!! They should be arrested for inciting and encouraging riots and destruction of private property. In reality, if entertainers were to go away, they wouldn't be missed.... because they serve no real purpose, have no real function, and make few, if any, real contributions to our nation.....Other than doing what we pay them to do and that is to entertain US, the hard working citizens that actually make this country exist. We, the people, need to make it perfectly clear to them, the "elite", that they do not govern the masses. Save your money, stay home with the family for a change, and see how fast these overpaid athletes and entertainers scream about their unfair world then! BOYCOTT HOLLYWOOD!!!

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