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Boycott H&M! It's 2018, empty apologies and lack of awareness are no longer acceptable!

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I am calling for a complete and indefinite BOYCOTT of H&M!

They published an ad depicting a young black boy wearing a hoodie with the caption "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle".

This ad is disparaging to say the least...

Racial insensitivity, tired stereotypes, lack of awareness or just flat out racism can no longer be acceptable!

In our "post racial" world it would only take a drop of social responsibility by the decision makers to see that this ad perpetuates a hateful narrative.  

After a year that has emboldened hate mongers, racist and the morally bankrupt of our society; for H&M to not have the wherewithal to stop this ad before going public is inexcusable.  

Whether it was carelessness, cluelessness or a lack of diversity in decision-making positions, the fact that this ad reached the public speaks volumes about H&M as a whole.

Why should we support an organization that cannot sympathize with or recognize the struggle black people have experienced?

As a society we need to show these organizations that we will not stand for this anymore by going after what is most important to them, their bottom line!

We must send a loud and clear message...

We will no longer support any business or person that spews bigotry, hate and/or racism!


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