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Stop your silly hate propaganda

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If you would look deeper into the message of the movie, it isn't about debasing a tribe of indigenous natives...It is actually trying to portray a message; a message of "don't stick your nose into something you don't understand". It shows the potential consequences of butting in. Substitute the tribe of natives with a pack of man-eating lions, and it's the same thing, though if we wanted to see something like that, all we would have to do is watch National Geographic. Nothing scary there. The whole point of a horror movie is to escape reality and enter a world where every turn could have monsters coming out of the sewers, immortal masked murders slowly stalking their next victims, and giant lizards destroying towns. Movie fans don't want realism, they want to see a world where anything can happen at anytime. I'm sure that you are all quite happy with your Julia Roberts always finding true love no matter the tribulations. There will always be inaccuracies in movies for entertainment. Hell, where were the petitions for movies like The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn, where the villains are people with physical deformities. Just cut the crap, because all you are doing is making yourselves look ridiculous.

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