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#Boycott Gloria Jean's Coffees for funding ACL

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees, owned by Hillsong Church elders have in the past funnelled money to Mercy Ministries, where young lesbian women were abused in an attempt to cure them. Now they're giving large amounts to the Australian Christian Lobby in their efforts against Australian Marriage Equality.

Let's choose love over their burned, crappy lattes. Boycott GJs, go to independent cafes and show these guys that the market doesn't appreciate homophobic behaviour.

As seen in this article: Gloria Jean's Coffees gave ACL $30,000 who is against Equality and the rights of the people saying marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Gloria Jeans Coffees International, 11 Hoyle Ave, CASTLE HILL NSW 2154
30/11/2010 - $30,000.00

We need them to know that this is NOT right and to call for a boycott of all Gloria Jean's stores/products.

It's every humans right to mary whoever they want, love is love and you can't deny that, with these companys and groups like ACL and Gloria Jean's working together is denying people of their rights and demonstrating their NON support for #MARRIAGE #EQUALITY.

Let them know how you feel:

Address: 11 Hoyle Avenue Castle Hill NSW, 2154 Australia

Phone: 1800 689 550 (from within Australia)

+61 2 9846 0900 (For international)



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