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Boycott Chevron Until They Agree to Clean Up Their Toxic Mess in Ecuador!

"The dispute before the Court was between Chevron and Ecuador's government, but it was spawned by a private lawsuit for environmental damages brought against Chevron by thousands of private citizens in the country's Amazon region.

Damages in the private lawsuit, expected to end later this year, were estimated in 2008 at up to $27.3 billion by a team of court-appointed experts. Texaco (now Chevron) is accused of dumping billions of gallons of toxin-laden waste water into the Amazon rainforest from 1964 to 1990, when it operated a large oil concession in the area covering a 2,000 square mile area.

Indigenous groups complain their cultures have been decimated, while the Ecuador court report found high cancer rates related to oil contamination have caused roughly 1,400 excess deaths....

...The private lawsuit originally was filed in U.S. federal court in New York in 1993 against Texaco (now Chevron) and is currently on trial in Ecuador at Chevron's request. To transfer the case to Ecuador in 2002, the oil company filed 14 sworn affidavits praising Ecuador's courts and agreed to submit to jurisdiction and be bound by any ruling there.

Once evidence in the Ecuador trial pointed to Chevron's culpability, the oil company began to claim Ecuador's courts were biased against it and tried to shift the liability to Ecuador's government. It also launched a public relations and lobbying campaign in Washington to try to convince the U.S. government to pressure Ecuador's government to quash the case, a strategy that up to this point has backfired." 1

This case went against the big oil company despite the fact that Chevron had virtually unlimited resources with which to hire the best attorneys and expert witnesses. Since pictures can say a thousand words, please view the trailer of this recent documentary on the subject:

Please add your name to this list of petitioners who are agreeing to boycott Chevron products until they agree to clean up their toxic mess in Ecuador as ordered by the court.




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