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Boycott Butterball!!

Factory farming turkeys is one prime example of the unsustainable model of industrial agriculture. A recent raid on the Butterball factory uncovered horrific abuse of turkeys. Tell the CEO and President of Butterball that you will not buy Butterball's products, nor support its destructive and inhumane practices.

This petition was delivered to:
  • PR Agent for Butterball
    Stephanie Styons
  • CEO and President of Butterball, LLC
    Rodney K. Brenneman
  • Assistant to Rodney K. Brenneman
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing
    Kerry Doughty
  • Vice President of Live Processing
    David Anderson
  • CFO
    Ed Kacsuta
  • COO
    Joe Nalley
  • Senior Vice President of Marketing
    Bill Klump
  • Live Processing
  • PR Agent
    Maggie Maskery
  • Marketing

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