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Boycott ASI’s Carl’s Jr.!

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As students at California State University, Long Beach, and members of the group Cease Animal Torture, we are dedicated to promoting a compassionate and respectful view of animals on campus. In alignment with our mission to end animal suffering, we are urging students to boycott the Carl’s Jr. in the University Student Union.

Carl’s Jr. sources its chickens from cruel and outdated factory farms. Chickens are forced to live in filthy, overcrowded sheds where they suffer from chronic health issues and crippling injuries do to the selective breeding that has caused them to grow unnaturally large. Those that survive these terrible conditions are violently slaughtered using ineffective methods that cause many birds to be scalded alive by boiling water or to have their throats slight while still fully conscious.

CSULB is no place for animal cruelty! Many major food chains, including Burger King, Subway, Chipotle, Jack in the Box, and Quiznos have adopted progressive chicken welfare standards that eliminate the worst abuses currently suffered by chickens in Carl’s Jr.’s supply chain.

Please sign our petition urging the Associated Students, Inc (who owns the contract with Carl’s Jr.) to demand Carl’s Jr. adopt a comprehensive chicken welfare policy, or have them removed from the Student Union.  With so many restaurant chains that have already committed to higher chicken welfare standards, there is no excuse for giving business to a company that is falling behind on such an important issue.

Together we can send a clear message to Carl’s Jr. and ASI that needless animal suffering will not be tolerated on our campus!

Thank you!
- Janelle Lapidario and Chelsea Velez

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