Boycott Aquaman 2

Boycott Aquaman 2

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Started by Itrat Abbas

There is a petition going to drop Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 with over 4 million signatures but Warner Bros released a statement stating they will not give into fan pressure and drop Ms Heard from the film. This shows how much they care about the average movie goer when their profits are directly linked to these average movie goers. 
Johnny Depp was labelled guilty until proven innocent with just AH’s allegations and dropped by WB so now when AH’s reality is coming forward with evidence and recordings they refuse to drop her and that is not fair. 
I believe if the same 4 million people decide to Boycott Aquaman 2, with the average adult ticket price of $13.69, 4 million people refusing to watch the movie could cost them almost $55,000,000. They say they won’t be swayed by “peer pressure,” but what about 55 million dollars? 

Abusers should be treatedly equally, men and women. Just because JD was a man he was treated so badly, he wasn’t even proven guilty all of those were just allegations at that point and he was dropped from such big movies like Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Carribean but Amber Heard gets to still play her role in Aquaman 2 after all she has done?

Justice should be served. Amber Heard should also face the consequences of her actions.

351 have signed. Let’s get to 500!