Prevent the sale of Camp Mahoneghon, Give It to Mountaineer Council, for the Kids.

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This Camp has been a pillar for Scouting in North Central WV for 75 years. The property is owned 100% and cost minimal to upkeep each year. This is done by the many Business and volunteers making it a reality. Now National BSA wants to sale it to benefit their agenda, this decision is being made by people in Texas. Who have no idea of the impact this makes locally, and apparently they do not care. This land was donated to the scouts in order to provide camping and outdoor adventures to local scouts. By selling this it will make it difficult for local scouts to have local camping opportunities in this area with out traveling greater distances increasing cost, and preventing their ability to camp as often. On top of it the money will not even go to the local area, were the land was donated to benefit local scouts. It will end up going outside of the area, in reality not even benefiting any local kid at all. This is a sad day when local people donate land for local kids, and it ends up being sold by people outside of the state and on top of it the money will not even benefit our local kids. Bottom line is our local kids need this camp and it already belongs to them so please help our kids stop this tragedy. If you would like to see pics of the camp here is a facebook page dedicated to the Camp.